A selection of recent pieces, with audio/video/scores where available:

Quiet Pint at The King Bill (2019)

For electric guitar and synthesiser

Performance by Ben Jameson and Harry Matthews at Centrala, Birmingham (Post-Paradise series), on 29/3/19


Quiet Pint at The Butcher’s Hook (2017)

For electric guitar and delay

Performance by Ben Jameson at The Butcher’s Hook, Southampton (Playlist series), on 14/11/17


Silent Doom Disco (2017)

For three head banging performers and audio playback

Performances by OUT-TAKE Ensemble at The Talking Heads, Southampton on 20/11/17, and by Plus Minus Ensemble at City University, London on 27/3/18

Power Trio (2016)

For electric piano, electric guitar and drum kit


Tapping Piece (2015-16)

For four electric guitars

Performed with Joe Manghan, Harry Matthews and Máté Szigeti at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton on 3/3/16

Performed by the Percussion Ensemble of the Freiburg Hochschule für Musik, 8/12/18

Demo recording of revised version:


Construction in Metal (2014-15)

For electric guitar and Guitar Hero controller

Performances with Mark Knoop at the Turner Sims, Southampton on 2/11/15, and at Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton (Weisslich series) on 23/4/16

Performances with Máté Szigeti at Bath Spa University (Ludomusicology 2017) on 21/4/17, and at The Talking Heads, Southampton on 19/6/17


Powerchord Study (after Black Sabbath) (2014-15)

For piccolo, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Performances by Ensemble Fractales at Cellule 133a, Brussels on 5/5/15 and at the Turner Sims on 11/5/15