Mainly Slow Ensemble

On 23 September, I had the privilege of performing with the Mainly Slow Ensemble at St Stephen’s Church, in the centre of Bristol. This concert was organised by Huw Morgan as an offshoot of his Mainly Slow Organ Music series. The ensemble featured Huw on organ, Daniel Fordham on saxophone, Claire Hamlen on violin, Joe Hamlen on trumpet, Richard P John on piano and myself on guitar. The other musicians were all lovely (as well as fantastic players) and I really enjoyed working with them.

The music we performed featured new works by members of the ensemble, including my own Pitches Through Time. This work is comprised of a series of chords with time stamps, which the performers use as a basis for improvisation. The chords and durations are generated using a spreadsheet, performing calculations based on the date of the performance.

Huw has published a compilation of some highlights from the performance on Bandcamp, which you can listen to here:

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