Cyborg Soloists

On 18 May, Harry Matthews and I performed our newly-commisioned work Aeolian Fantasy at Iklektik in London. We composed this piece as part of a project organised by Cyborg Soloists, a UKRI-funded research project based at Royal Holloway and led by Dr Zubin Kanga. We worked closely with Vochlea, a company that developed Dubler 2, a piece of software that translates audio signals into MIDI data. We used Dubler 2 to translate wind noise from field recordings and desk fans (which Harry and I ‘played’ live using microphones) into aleatoric synthesised music, tuned in just intonation. This material accompanied more structured material played on guitar and piano, composed by me and Harry.

The concert also featured great performances by another duo commissioned by Cyborg Soloists, Ed Cooper and Kathryn Williams, and by clarinettist Heather Roche. The concert was filmed and we hope to be able to share documentation in the near future. This was the outcome of a long-running project that we have been working hard on for some time, so it was great to finally be able to share our work with the world.

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