Cartopodes podcast

I recently submitted a realisation of my most recent piece Spreadsheet Music #1 for inclusion in the latest episode of the Cartopodes podcast from Switzerland. The recording was made in collaboration with Harry Matthews, who made field recordings, which were used by a sampler instrument to perform his part.

The title of the piece refers to the use of an Excel spreadsheet to catalogue and organise pitch materials. The work is modular, and the spreadsheet will generate different pitch content and durations depending on the date and required duration of the performance. This is thus just one realisation of the piece, and I hope to perform it in different versions in future. The theme of the podcast episode was “29.02.2022”, so I used this imaginary date to generate the materials for the recording from the spreadsheet.

You can find and listen to all of the contributions to the podcast at their website here.

My piece is also available to listen to on Soundcloud.

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